Miss Pam Kudita
Mrs. Theodora Chirara


Shona is an integral part of the school curriculum, and taught from ECD through to grade 7. From grade 5 the classes are split into L1 and L2. 

At ECD level the subject involves the use of Shona games and songs. Pupils also learn basic Shona greetings.

Grade 1 and 2 are taught more advanced greetings and everyday vocabulary words.

Shona exams are written from Grade 3 onwards. Shona exam marks go on the mid-year and end of year reports.

We have also introduced a” Shona Word A Day” programme, where pupils get one Shona word everyday as part of their homework. The pupils are then tested on the accumulated words at the end of the term as an Inter-House test.

Our Cultural Evening is the highlight of the year. Every first term the Grade 6 classes get to perform a Shona play on stage. The play showcases traditional aspects of the Shona culture. The Cultural Evening is a lot of fun and is well supported by the parents.