Grade 7


Mrs Aisha Omarshah
Mrs Shahaida Morar


Grade 7 is the culmination of the primary school years.  The girls follow the Government syllabus, which is built on previous years’ work, with extension work being mandatory as every topic has opportunities for miniature projects and additional research. 

  • Grade 7 is the “big” examination year with the girls writing entrance exams for high school in early July, second term, followed by their ZIMSEC exams in the third term.  Much of the teaching is predetermined by these exams though the girls are still very involved in sport and cultural activities. 
  • In Grade 7 the Girls are given responsibilities in the form of captaincies, and a monitor system runs on a rotational basis so that leadership skills are developed in each girl.  This is a valuable experience which gives them the chance to see their own strengths and weaknesses. 
  • The two Grade 7 classes go on camp together to foster a sense of togetherness in building a strong team within the group. 
  • The girls complete a certified Mars course and they also have a 3 day “Adventures Unlimited” course which is the primary school version of “Education for Living.” 
  • The end of the year sees the girls participate in an exclusively Grade 7 musical production. 

It is certainly an exciting year for these young ladies, and creates a firm foundation for them to move into their secondary education as self-assured, well-rounded individuals.