Mrs Vanessa Hounsell


Art at Bishopslea aims to be creative and relaxed, with an emphasis both on discipline and imagination. 

  • From Grade 3 to Grade 7, Bishopslea girls have two art classes a week where they explore famous artists and movements in visual art, from Rembrandt and van Gogh to more modern painters like Munch and Picasso. 
  • They begin to develop an awareness of proportions, taking note of everything they observe. 

The girls are exposed to numerous areas of art for example :

  • Multi-media
  • Paper-cutting and collage is used extensively to model works like van Gogh’s “Sunflowers”, and many colourful examples of pupils’ artwork adorn the school’s corridors.
  • Another interesting tuition device is modelling, where for example an i-pad is used to photograph the girls whispering to one another, to illustrate graphically the process of communication, as well as to suggest emotion in colour. 

By Grade 7 a foundation will thus have been laid for High School graphic art as well as for computer studies, architecture and many other professions where visual awareness is of primary importance.