Entry Procedure

Prospective Parents Grade 0 & 1

Places are limited to 35 (thirty five) Grade 0 pupils, and 50 (fifty) Grade 1 places will be taken up by the Grade 0 pupils already in the school. Affectively, therefore, we offer 35 (thirty five) Grade 0 places and 15 (fifteen) Grade 1 places annually.

Priority is always given to siblings and to daughters of ex-pupils. Please note that siblings are sisters of pupils currently attending Bishoplsea and don not include cousins. Also, we offer weekly boarding and boarder applicants are given special consideration.

Owing to the huge number of applications and the limited places available, it is impossible to interview all applicatants. As a result a certain number of prospective pupils are selected on a random basis and are offered interviews. Notification of interviews is forwarded in May of the year proceeding the year of entry. The interviews are normally held in June and those applicatants offered interviews are given a time limit in which they are required to inform us if they would like to accept the interview. Applicamts who are not able to interview at that time are also informed in writing. They are, however given the opportunity to inform us if they would still like their daughters to be considered for an interview, should any become available, which happens when applicants do not accept the interviews offered.

The interviews are to determine maturity and not ability. Please note that we do not want any prospective pupils to be able to read or write before they enter Grade 1.

Over the years there have been numerous debates on the selection process. Unfortunately there is no completely fair means of selecting a small number of pupils from a very large number of applicants. However, we are honoured that you have applied th Bishopslea and apologise in advance if we are unable to accommodate or interview your daughter.