Grade 6


Mrs Tricia Brooke
Mrs Lara Holderness


There is a big jump from Grade 5 to Grade 6.  The work load increases, as does the speed of learning.  The girls have to develop the ability to work independently, and be organised, motivated and responsible for their own success. 

  • They are seniors now, so afternoon activities change to Mondays and Wednesdays, but if girls are sporty or culturally inclined, you will find them busy almost every afternoon.  As seniors, their leadership potential is also being assessed.
  • The highlight of the first term is the Shona cultural evening.  All the girls participate and different forms of music and entertainment are performed. 
  • In the second term, a highlight is the “Far and Wide” camp.  This camp is vital for the girls, in terms of self-discovery and improving their self-esteem and confidence.  They are tested on their ability to work together effectively in groups. 
  • Shortly after their return from Far and Wide the mid-year examinations are held. 
  • A cultural or choir evening also happens at this time, usually a show at another school or at REPS theatre. 
  • This is a sporty term with plenty of matches being played where sportsmanship, as well as competitiveness, is encouraged
  • The third term is a tough one academically, as preparations begin for the high school entrance exam in Grade 7.  The grade 6 teachers liaise constantly to ensure that all parts of the syllabus are being taught effectively. 
  • There is an educational field trip in the third term, related to some aspect of the syllabus. 
  • After the final exams, more group work is undertaken and   assessment will focus less on individualism and more on teamwork ability.