Mission & Vision


Our mission is to provide the highest standard of relevant pre-primary and primary education for our pupils, and to offer such activities and facilities as are appropriate for the physical, intellectual, spiritual, social, psychological and cultural development of these pupils into responsible, knowledgeable and compassionate citizens, with a broad understanding of our nation and the world, to enable them to participate fully in society and the economy for the good of Zimbabwe.


To provide excellence in education enhanced by highly trained staff in a rich, multi-cultural environment that presents the correct balance between academics, sports, arts, culture and special needs, backed by a financially strong and progressive infrastructure which places us as the top choice school.  To equip our pupils for the real world and become part of a strong alumni network.

Headmasters Mission Statement

Every child has the fundamental right to be judged on their individual merits only and to be given an equal opportunity to achieve their potential in the Bishopslea environment.