Grade 1


Miss Sandra Blanckenberg
Mrs. Debbie Gibson


In Grade 1, the girls will have an exciting and productive year, and will learn to read, write and do number work.

• We teach reading phonetically, supported by the Letter land program. By now the children will be excited by what they learn, and this bodes well for their transition into reading books.
• In class, ‘number values’ and ‘bonds to ten’ are done, covering the concepts of ‘plus,’ ‘minus’ and ‘sets of.’
• The school has the use of the “Active Learning Centre” for children who need extra help.
• Sports undertaken are athletics, swimming and ball skills/games, culminating in an inter-class competition.
Day boarding facilities are offered at the hostel, as well as lunches for day-boarders.
• The Infant department also puts on a play production in the third term, in which all children in ECD, Grade 1 and Grade 2 participate.
• For ECD, Grade 1 and 2, extra-curricular activities include ballet, modern dance, gymnastics, tennis, piano and violin lessons.
From this year in Grade 1, the children will grow in self-esteem and confidence.