Grade 4


Mrs. Marian Cox
Mrs. Heena Trivedy


Grade 4 is a pivotal year for the learners as it marks the transition from the lower to the upper grades of the school.  

  • In Grade 4 we consolidate all that has been taught in the first four years of schooling and build a firm foundation in the topics of reading, mathematics, English Language, spelling, Shona and the content subjects. 
  • We extend and expand the pupils’ knowledge in all the subjects.
  • Learners are taught to be more independent in their thinking processes, problem solving and organisational skills. 
  • The children take delight in using the class shop to buy goods, produce bills and pay for their purchases using toy money. 
  • Pupils in Grade 4 are now allowed to make use of the very well-stocked school library.  They are encouraged to utilise the research section for projects and borrow books from the extensive literature section.  These help them with poetry, creative writing, comprehension work, grammatical accuracy and other important parts of the Grade 4 syllabus. 
  • Projects on endangered species, animal habitats, the food chain and dwellings around the world are promoted.  These projects develop the children’s investigative skills.  The girls present their projects to their peers, which not only passes on knowledge but also develops their self-confidence in public speaking.  
  • We introduce the new agricultural syllabus with all its practical aspects of weather influencing agricultural production, soil cultivation and the growing of vegetables.  Visits to Gosho Park in Marondera and Mukuvisi Woodlands bring the children into close contact with the animals and indigenous trees of our country. 
  • Sewing is a favourite subject.  The girls learn basic stitches and make toys such as star babies, mice, frogs and dolls.  In the third term Christmas stockings and gift bags are sewn. 
  • The children all take part in a chapel presentation each term.
  •  In the second term the class participates in the Grades 3 to 5 musical production.  Recent shows have been “The Emperor’s New Clothes”, and “A Tribute to Walt Disney”.